IRITEL is invested in the environment and climate preservation
  • Mehdi JARRROUD
  • Publié October 8, 2020
  • Environnement


Conscious of improving the quality of life and within the framework of improving the reliability of data, IRITEL in collaboration with LSCE & Origins.Earth is investing in the installation of the first system for monitoring and modeling releases of CO2, which makes it possible to measure their changes in a short period of time.

IRITEL installed the first CO2 sensors in Île-de-France for its collaborator EnviroEarth. This network, which constitutes a world first, will allow weekly communication of Parisian CO2 concentrations. A project driven by the desire to better assess and control CO2 emissions and to educate all stakeholders and residents of the Paris basin, and which will, among other things, better stick to the carbon neutrality objective set for 2040.

The data making it possible to establish the evolution of pollution in the Parisian capital, are those which will be collected from the seven high-precision sensors already installed and to which ten more must be added at the end of the year. All the CO2 emission factors were taken into account district by district, as well as their variability.